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week 21 | donderdag 23 mei 2024 21:34 uur | 0 bezoekers

havana blues

movie, go to see

it is exaiting and a simple movie, that showing the dinamic life in cuba. it is about the happynes and the sadness, about the colorfull, the creativity and the poorness of the people, of cuba. trugth the storys of the heros of the movie, we can see the lonlety of cuba. we can see the temptation from the rich countrys. and the abusing of those countrys.

most of all this movie speaking about, a world that every thing is for sale, but ther are things that nobudy can buy. on the story, two yangs cubane musicion, who play toghether since they are childs.the are on them 30 years old. the try to brake out them music. the dreaming to do a life concert. the first is tito, is living white is grand mother, she is alcoholistic and use to be a great singer. tito is agresive,with hot temperature. is dream is to leave cuba, and to get a contract from a big producer.

is friend roy live wite his ex wife and tham two childrens. she survive and faigth all the time for the family. her muther send her money to escape to united state, in the movie she cry a lot, for the lost of her husband roy and the lost of cuba. in all this caos, roy fighting only for is music. all is changing when a producers came from spain, and offering a recording contract, and ticket out of cuba, for roy,tito and them friend. abusing of the hard situation of he people, the ofering them slaves contracts. the ofering roy and tito to go out from the island, on the price of saling them souls.

what will happen with tito and is grand mother?, with roy and is family?, what will happen with the producers, the musicion and wite cuba?.

simple movie, good music, exaiting, sad and funny.

go to see

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Joris | 28 april 2005

Waar kan ik deze film zien?


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